You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Want to know more about Independent Living at Hermitage Richmond? Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. If you do not see the information you’re looking for, please contact us using the form at the bottom of the page or call us at 804 552 6418. We are always happy to help and would love to give you a tour!

What is the process to consider Independent Living at Hermitage Richmond?
Is this process different from other alternatives?
What exactly is an Independent Living community?
How are Independent Living communities licensed?
What Independent Living issues should I be aware of?
What if I have an emergency or need help in my residence?
Do you have a wellness program?
How do I determine my level of care?
Do you offer a rehabilitation program?
Does the community provide residents with a full calendar of events, programs and activities?
What types of amenities and activities does Hermitage Richmond offer?
Does the community provide easy access to recreational opportunities?
Is the community convenient for frequent visits by family and friends?
Is the community convenient to medical centers, shopping, places of worship and other services?
Is the community close to cultural attractions, such as museums, theaters, concert halls, gardens and historical sites?
Is the community convenient to public transportation, airports, highways, etc.?
Does the community provide services such as housekeeping, maintenance, concierge assistance and scheduled transportation?
Are there other conveniences available on-site if you wish to pay for them, such as picking up dry cleaning, salon services, etc.?
Does the community offer a full continuum of care, should needs change in the future?