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Hermitage Richmond Testimonials

There’s no better way to get a feel for life in the Hermitage Richmond community than to read the personal stories of our current residents and family members. The testimonials below will give you an intimate glimpse into the place so many call home, our innovative programming, and the top-notch amenities and services of our community.

Home is one of those words that you may not know how to define, but you sure know what it is. I’m grateful that the staff is resident-driven, they keep my comfort and well-being at the top of their job descriptions, and they knew my name the first day I was here!

Simon B.

I feel safe, secure, and well cared for at Hermitage Richmond. My neighbors are friendly, the daily activities are endless, and the staff is incredibly helpful and always greets me with a smile. I enjoy the peace of mind knowing I’ll never have to move if my health needs change.

Elizabeth B.

Our mother’s decision to move to Hermitage Richmond has been a blessing for her and our family. Each staff member dedicates themselves to enriching the ‘life journey’ of each resident with superb communication and compassion. After one month, mom told us she was happy, well cared for, and loved Hermitage Richmond.

Minerva T.

I just want to say how much I appreciate the over-the-top care the staff in McGuire Park have given my mother, over the years since she’s been there. She has received good care from the other staff at the Hermitage as well, for which we are very appreciative, but the folks at McGuire Park are absolutely wonderful as they have the primary care for her 24/7. I’m sure I will leave out something, but they make sure that she is safe, help her where she needs help, encourage her to stay involved, love on her, are extremely patient with her, and have bent over backwards again and again for us as we navigate the ups and downs of caring for her dementia/health.

If we were able, we would thank them in a more tangible way; but since that isn’t the Hermitage’s policy, this will have to do. I do wish you would consider giving them an increase in pay – they deserve at least that and more!

Kathy Boone

For the 2½ years my mother lived at the Hermitage, she was so pleased to be there, happy, and made some wonderful friends along the way. She was cared for and loved. I am so grateful and thankful. I will forever miss this amazing woman.

Regina S.

“The Hermitage Richmond team members are so friendly! Whenever anyone sees my mother, they make sure to call her by her name and say “hello”. They even stop to carry on a conversation with her. It makes her feel like a rock star.

It was not a surprise to us that Hermitage Richmond was named Richmond Magazine’s 2nd Best Retirement Community for 2017.

The Lam Family

Thank you for giving my mother-in-law back her life again! After a few challenging years of living in an apartment, she moved to an assisted living facility. The quality of care there was dreadful but she did not want to move. My mother-in-law declined rapidly. She was moved to a locked unit, lost weight and required supplemental shakes, and refused to participate in activities. She would call us all day long, sometimes over 60 times a day! We hired a companion to provide some additional supports. We had to intervene.

Then Hermitage Richmond came into the picture. The change was hard for her the first couple of weeks but the staff was so warm and friendly from the start that she adjusted well quickly. Now, just over a year after her move she is thriving. She has been since the start! She is now a healthy weight, looks forward to activities there, goes on all the outside trips, attends doctor appointments independently or meets us there, and calls to check in with us 1-2 times a day! She is a happy, healthy, different person.

Staff seems always willing to go above and beyond. Holidays are especially wonderful and full of cheer. The food is delicious and the dining staff is very attentive. The activities offered are diverse and engaging- it is the equivalent of being on a landlocked cruise ship! Her room is located in a sunny area and she has taken up gardening again with plants thriving.

While the costs of her care at Hermitage Richmond are less then where she was before, I could not put a price on the quality of the life she has now. You have given her more than I could have hoped for and, as her family, you have given her son and I peace of mind.

Jennifer B.

In 2009 my husband Jack, who had dementia, needed to move to a care center because of a fall and brain injury. After visiting all types and sizes of care locations, our family chose Hermitage Richmond. It was a size that allowed residents and their families to feel like we’re in a home rather than a facility. Its neighborhood setting was peaceful. The staff seemed committed to caring for the residents, and many of them had been on staff for a number of years. Furthermore, because Hermitage Richmond offered all levels of care, I was assured my husband would receive the seamless continuing care he needed – from memory care and physical therapy, to complete health care – during the six years he lived at Hermitage Richmond.

As a caregiver, I was kept updated on my husband’s health during regular staff meetings. The administration of The Hermitage also involved interested family members in all aspects of upgrades being made to the physical facility and programs. We were part of the extended Hermitage family.

My family felt very fortunate that Jack could be cared for by The Hermitage.

Fran Z.

When the time came to turn the care of our loved one over to someone else, our family had to be certain we could rely on all who were to be involved, and could trust them to not only take fundamental care but also be kind and respectful. When it became necessary for our mother it was hard to do this. My brothers visited a number of places before they both agreed on Hermitage Richmond. They both liked everything they saw.

When the culture of an organization is good it permeates all the facets of care and produces a very special environment. Hermitage Richmond has been a wonderful place for Mom. She is one hundred and one years old, and needs to be in Health Care; but she still wants to be as independent and active as possible. We wanted a situation that would keep her safe but not confined and inactive. Everyone who sees Mom from: daily dressing, therapy, activities and meals, housekeeping, treat her with care and respect. They listen to what she wants and accommodate when possible. She has made good friends and sees them at mealtime and at activities like Bingo and pizza parties. Music has been a lifelong passion for Mother and she attends a number of varied musical events every week. When her birthday came we celebrated in a special room with wonderful food provided by the food service. It has been such a relief and comfort for all of us to see her happy and active. We are glad she is in a place we can trust and are confident they will look after her with love and kindness. (A special thanks to the ladies who help her choose just the right outfits and jewelry for the day! She has always felt better when she is dressed attractively!)

The Howell Family

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