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Overview Richmond VA Senior Living Community

Our Richmond VA Retirement Community Levels of Living

Levels of Living are the words we use to describe the full continuum of choices offered at Hermitage Richmond. Residents who are singles or couples can move directly into Independent Living which is similar to their old homes except they do not have to pay taxes, insurance and ongoing maintenance costs…or deal with cooking or cleaning. Assisted living residences and services are available throughout the community so that if anyone needs support with mobility, bathing or other normal daily activities it is there if and when you want it. Memory Support and Health Care are also distinct neighborhoods within our community for those whose health and safety merit those specialized teams and programs.

The Right Time, The Right Place

Finding the appropriate level of senior living is a key ingredient to enhancing quality of life for residents. At Hermitage Richmond, each resident is an active participant in the team that initially assesses and continually monitors their level of living. Decisions are made with ongoing input from residents, family members, physical and occupational therapists, healthcare professionals, and other key staff members. This process informed by more than 70 years of experience uses multiple evaluation tools to make sure decisions are in our residents’ best interests.

Memory Support Services

Hermitage Richmond also offers Memory support for residents…singles or couples. At its later stages dementia disorders often require specialized care and a secure setting. Spouses often want to be close to their partner but no longer feel it is safe for them to provide all their care and security. At Hermitage Richmond couples stay close to each other even in these challenging situations. The partner with needs is happier with frequent visits and the healthier partner can have a life outside of the constant vigilance and care required for those suffering from a memory issue.

caring staff at Richmond VA Retirement Community

Offering Flexibility

The best things about having all the levels of living in the community is that it allows for flexibility, continued relationships and a plan that is in place regardless of what life may hold. You and the ones you love have answers instead of challenging questions attempting to balance control, independence with safety and health.