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The Howell Family

October 16, 2018

When the time came to turn the care of our loved one over to someone else, our family had to be certain we could rely on all who were to be involved, and could trust them to not only take fundamental care but also be kind and respectful. When it became necessary for our mother it was hard to do this. My brothers visited a number of places before they both agreed on Hermitage Richmond. They both liked everything they saw.

When the culture of an organization is good it permeates all the facets of care and produces a very special environment. Hermitage Richmond has been a wonderful place for Mom. She is one hundred and one years old, and needs to be in Health Care; but she still wants to be as independent and active as possible. We wanted a situation that would keep her safe but not confined and inactive. Everyone who sees Mom from: daily dressing, therapy, activities and meals, housekeeping, treat her with care and respect. They listen to what she wants and accommodate when possible. She has made good friends and sees them at mealtime and at activities like Bingo and pizza parties. Music has been a lifelong passion for Mother and she attends a number of varied musical events every week. When her birthday came we celebrated in a special room with wonderful food provided by the food service. It has been such a relief and comfort for all of us to see her happy and active. We are glad she is in a place we can trust and are confident they will look after her with love and kindness. (A special thanks to the ladies who help her choose just the right outfits and jewelry for the day! She has always felt better when she is dressed attractively!)

The Howell Family – May 2016