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Kathy Boone

December 26, 2018

I just want to say how much I appreciate the over-the-top care the staff in McGuire Park have given my mother, over the years since she’s been there. She has received good care from the other staff at the Hermitage as well, for which we are very appreciative, but the folks at McGuire Park are absolutely wonderful as they have the primary care for her 24/7. I’m sure I will leave out something, but they make sure that she is safe, help her where she needs help, encourage her to stay involved, love on her, are extremely patient with her, and have bent over backwards again and again for us as we navigate the ups and downs of caring for her dementia/health. If we were able, we would thank them in a more tangible way; but since that isn’t the Hermitage’s policy, this will have to do. I do wish you would consider giving them an increase in pay – they deserve at least that and more! Again, thanks!

Kathy Boone – December 2018