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Jennifer B

October 16, 2018

Thank you for giving my mother-in-law back her life again! After a few challenging years of living in an apartment, she moved to an assisted living facility. The quality of care there was dreadful but she did not want to move. My mother-in-law declined rapidly. She was moved to a locked unit, lost weight and required supplemental shakes, and refused to participate in activities. She would call us all day long, sometimes over 60 times a day! We hired a companion to provide some additional supports. We had to intervene.

Then Hermitage Richmond came into the picture. The change was hard for her the first couple of weeks but the staff was so warm and friendly from the start that she adjusted well quickly. Now, just over a year after her move she is thriving. She has been since the start! She is now a healthy weight, looks forward to activities there, goes on all the outside trips, attends doctor appointments independently or meets us there, and calls to check in with us 1-2 times a day! She is a happy, healthy, different person.

Staff seems always willing to go above and beyond. Holidays are especially wonderful and full of cheer. The food is delicious and the dining staff is very attentive. The activities offered are diverse and engaging- it is the equivalent of being on a landlocked cruise ship! Her room is located in a sunny area and she has taken up gardening again with plants thriving.

While the costs of her care at Hermitage Richmond are less then where she was before, I could not put a price on the quality of the life she has now. You have given her more than I could have hoped for and, as her family, you have given her son and I peace of mind.

Jennifer B. – May 2016